800 Watts - XtremeGear Gaming Power Supply - Quad SLI Ready

 Features / Specifications  
• Model No: ATX-CB800W
• AC Input Voltage: 115/230V
• AC Input Frequency: 50~60Hz
• AC Input Current: 13A (RMS) for 115VAC Input
• Output: 6.5A (RMS) for 230VAC Input
AC Input 115V ~ 230V  
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V -5V +5VSB


Min. Output Current 0.1A 0.1A 0.1A 0.5A 0A 0A 0A
Max. Output Current 30A 30A 36A 36A 0.8A 0.5A 2.5A
Max. Combined Wattage 180W 600W (50A) 9.6W 2.5W 12.5W
Max. 800W
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